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Certificate of Authenticity
An accompanying document for limited edition fine art reproductions. It indicates the edition size, number in the edition, medium, release date, name of the artist, name of the piece, name of the publisher, and name of the owner. It is now required in many U.S. states when a limited edition is started.
Gallery Wrap
Gallery wrapped canvases are intended to be hung unframed. Our gallery wrapped canvases are done on 1 3/8" stretcher bars in order to make them strong enough to hang unframed without warping. The entire image is shown on the front, but an extra rough-hand finishing coordinated pigment has been added on the sides to compliment the picture. No staples are visible. We attach hinges and a wire on the back, thus it’s ready to hang on your wall.
Giclee is the process of using digital imagery to produce high resolution, museum quality reproduction art prints using a fine mist of ink. The original French derivative of the word is “gicler,” which literally means “to spray.” This process is performed using a very high-end, large format, professional printer. Unlike traditional printers, these huge machines are very sophisticated in their system of production, as well as the finished quality of the art itself. The incredible and detailed quality of giclee art far surpasses more traditional printing processes and is often seen at museums and galleries, such as New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and numerous Chelsea and Soho galleries. According to Giclee Print Net Inc, “Recent auctions of giclee prints have fetched $10,800 for Annie Leibovitz, $9,600 for Chuck Close, and $22,800 for Wolfgang Tillmans.”
The artist has physically signed the piece.
Limited Edition
A strict numbering system indicating the size of the issue, which limits it to a specific number of reproductions. Once the number has been reached, the reproduction of the piece may no longer be reproduced at that size. The edition number is written on the piece and, in most cases, comes with a certificate of authenticity. A smaller volume of editions adds to the value of the piece. The use of limited editions started in the late 1800’s. Limited edition offset prints are usually produced in editions of 500 – 1000 (or more) all at once, while giclees rarely exceed 50 – 100 high quality reproductions (one at a time).
Master Edition
When the artist actually hand-paints a canvas fine art reproduction with oil or acrylic, adding a very personal touch to the piece. Each piece is unique. The editions are very low in number and rival the value of the original painting. 
Museum Quality Reproduction
Our museum grade fine art reproductions on canvas are considered some of the highest quality in the industry. The printer uses the highest quality archival inks, canvas, and fine art paper media – the same quality as that for museums. These products cannot be found on the open market. Fine art reproductions are UV resistant and will last upwards of 100 years without fading. The weight and feel of both the canvas and textured fine art media is excellent. You will notice the quality and the unbelievable realism of fine art reproductions immediately.
The process of tightly wrapping and tacking canvas around wooden stretcher bars for immediate hanging or framing. Canvas requires stretching before hanging.



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