Albert Shvilly


About The Artist

Albert Shvilly was born and educated in the former Soviet Union. He graduated from the State University of Georgia, earning degrees in both Philosophy and Fine Arts. He has been a U.S. citizen since 1981. His professional career as an artist spans 35 years, during which time he has held a multitude of one-man and group shows. Mr. Shvilly’s paintings are in many private and corporate collections. His art has been published in numerous world publications, including LIFE magazine, The New York Times, and Le Monde. Mr. Shvilly has won numerous awards and recognitions, including:

• CINE Golden Eagle Award, for excellence in representing the United States of America in an international motion picture event abroad
• Silver Award from the International Film & TV Festival of New York
• Bronze Award from the Festival of the Americas at the Houston International Film Festival
• Chris Plaque Award at the Columbus International Film Festival


U.S. Exhibitions Since 1981

2012: The Ratner Museum, Bethesda MD

2010 – 2015: Hermitage Art Gallery, McLean VA

2006 – 2007: Lurie Gallery, Miami & Boca Raton FL

2004: Friendship Gallery, Chevy Chase MD

1999 – 2002: Friendship Gallery, Chevy Chase MD

1999 – 2000: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD

1998: Georgetown University, Washington DC

1998: Goldman Art Gallery, Rockville MD

1997 – 1999: Sheryl Leonard Gallery, Potomac MD

1997 – 1998: Carol A. Dabb Inc, Los Altos CA

1996 – 2000: Discovery Galleries Ltd, Bethesda MD

1995 – 1997: Friendship Gallery, Chevy Chase MD

1995 – 1999: Leon Loard Gallery, Montgomery AL

1995 – 1996: Goldman Art Gallery, Rockville MD

1995 – 1996: Kirschner-Haack Gallery, Miami Beach FL

1995: Library of Congress, Washington DC

1994 – 2005: Avant Garde Art Gallery, Washington DC

1994 – 2003: Roche Atelier Gallery, McLean VA

1994 – 2000: Hermitage Art Gallery, McLean VA

1994 – 1995: Abbott Gallery, McLean VA

1994 – 1995: Venable-Neslage Gallery, Washington DC

1994 – 1995: Wile-Kovach Gallery, Columbus OH

1991 – 1993: Gregory Gallery, Washington DC

1987 – 1988: Richards Gallery, Elizabeth NJ

1987: Nakhamkin Gallery, New York NY

1986 – 1987: Dunhill International, New York NY

1986 – 1987: Gallery International, New York NY

1986 – 1987: Miller Galleries Ltd, New York NY

1986: Sheraton Hotel, Baltimore MD

1985 – 1987: Mussavi Art Center, New York NY

1985 – 1986: Carolyn Hill Gallery, New York NY

1985 – 1986: Prince De’marigny & Gazalet Gallery, New York NY

1985: Galleria Morey, New York NY

1984 – 1985: B’nai B’rith Klutznick National Jewish Museum, Washington DC

1983 – 1990: Sloane Gallery of Art, Denver CO

1983 – 1985: Barclay Galleries Ltd, New York NY

1983 – 1985: Engel Gallery, New York NY

1983 – 1984: The Jewish Museum, New York NY

1981 – 1984: Nakhamkin Gallery, New York NY



Booz Allen Hamilton

Food Marketing Institute

General Motors

McDonald’s Corporation

Private Collections

Renaissance Mayflower Hotel

Riggs Bank

Savannah Museum of Art

Seagram & Sons

Sheet Metal Workers International Association

Washington Inc



Artist's Statement

Today, art is becoming so labyrinthine that it is intricate to define. Yet, there are certain elements that must be included in any description of art, such as creativity and expression. Sometimes, I compare the process of painting to a “quantum soup,” which is the possibility for anything to be formed through our divine, co-creative power. We are all artists…divinity in disguise…dreamers in a process of self-expression. We are immersed in the act of incarnating our visions.

Quantum physics implies that objects do not exist. Rather, there is undefined pure potential, or possibilities manifesting into sensible entities through the presence of consciousness. There is no universe if we are not there. Thus, we are the co-creators of everything around us. In the quantum world, all things are interrelated…inseparably connected. This is basically the same idea that great seers from mystical traditions have suggested thousands of years ago.

The essence of life is oneness…unity with all that is. The feeling of which is love, not only as an emotion, but as the ultimate truth of creation. Once we feel our essence, we sense the holiness within ourselves and others.

If everything is ultimately one, but appears as multiple, then the main purpose of art is creating our self. There is no subject-object relationship because on the most fundamental level of nature, there is no matter, but rather pure potential – spiritual domain. The observer and observed are the same being. Everything that we see and create is a reflection of our self. No matter what we paint, it is our self-portrait…our reflection.

Creating our life is the purpose of life. We create our own reality, both in life and in art. Life is an eternal process, existing all at once with all possible existences – now. And we choose which one to be awake to from instance to instance. Art depicts one or more of those countless instances and helps us move toward self-realization…remembrance of the whole self. Throughout history, it is fascinating to watch how art grows and changes depending on our views of the perpetually regenerating universe. In that sense, art becomes the barometer of our perception.

The entire universe is pure energy and information. Whatever we perceive as being solid in the physical world is actually a quantum mirage, blinking in and out of existence at the speed of light. Yet, the limitations of our senses cannot register the rapidity of that blinking. Thus, we perceive the world as a solid object when, in fact, everything is submerged in an infinite loop of creation. In that sense, genesis is an ongoing process.

There could be myriad ways of expressing our feelings through art. My artwork celebrates the beauty of our journey through the immeasurable forms of our supreme nature. I feel truly blessed presenting others with the opportunity to experience who they are through my art, and hope it may help them feel the serenity of the originating spirit in our life.

~Albert Shvilly~



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